Safety Consulting

Outsourced Safety Consulting

We work alongside industry-leading oil, gas, and utility companies that have strict safety programs but sometimes need help in cultivating a safe culture and buy-in amongst contractors and employees. That’s where we come in. Our consultants at the Better Contractor help companies improve their safety programs in the field by creating a culture of safety rather than just checking boxes and creating programs. If your safety numbers aren’t where you want them to be, it could be as simple as buy-in from your team in the field.

At The Better Contractor, we dig deep into your policies, procedures, and practices to help you build the safety culture you want – sometimes, a fresh set of eyes from people who specialize in this is all you need to make effective change.

Questions to Ask About your Safety Program

  • Have you or your contractors and vendors experienced an uptick in safety incidents since 2020?
  • Are you happy with your current lost time, TRIR, and incident rates?
  • Is your team and contracting team fully bought into safety?
  • Do your best practices help encourage or inhibit safety shares?
  • Does your safety team work to mitigate hazards fully, or do they just check boxes?
  • Is ISNetworld your only tool for choosing contractors?

It’s Time for A Safety Change

It may be time for a change. Let us help you take your safety culture and buy-in to the next level by reviewing your:

  • Incident response procedures.
  • Contractor selection and review processes.
  • Safety team’s involvement with vendors and contractors.
  • Company policies towards sharing incidents, near misses, and mitigation steps.
  • Company involvement with contractors and the culture it instills in them.
  • Vendors and contractors to gauge their level of buy-in and culture and ways to improve.
  • Effectiveness of your current safety policies in the field
  • Collaboration amongst contractors regarding safety shares and mitigation procedures.

After our review and discussions with your team, we will recommend ways to:

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Improve the culture of your company, vendors, and contractors.

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Improve buy-in for your company, vendors, and contractors.

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Improve mitigation procedures and shares.

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Improve your contractor selection process and create a better relationship so that you work together to prevent incidents before they happen.

Receive Safety Consulting from Seasoned Contractors

If you are ready to take your safety program to the next level, contact us today for grade-A safety consulting services. You know it’s time for a change; the only way to do that is through continuous improvement. So, let’s take a look at your processes, poke holes in what’s not working, and determine a solution together that works for your team. For accurate pricing information, please email and provide us with some details about your unique safety situation.