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Welcome to The Better Contractor Learning Center, this is where your journey begins! In our program, we offer everything from safety and equipment training to leadership training and discussions. 

Training Videos

Equipment Training
  1. Crane – Basic Operation and Safety
  2. Tree Removal – Repelling, Roping and Knots
  3. Aerial Lift /Bucket Truck – Basic Operation and Safety
  4. Canopy Trimmer -Basic Operation and Safety
  5. Chain Saw – Basic Operation and Safety
  6. Stump Grinder – Basic Operation and Safety
  7. Skidsteer and Common Attachments – Basic Operation and Safety
    • Part 1. Attachments: Grapple
    • Part 2. Attachments: Forestry Mulcher
    • Part 3. Attachments: Feller Buncher
    • Part 4. Attachments: Marshal Saw
  8. Chipper – Basic Operation and Safety
  9. Remote Controlled Equipment – Basic Operation and Safety
  10. Truck and Trailer – Basic Operation and Safety
  11. Mini Excavator – Basic Operation and Safety
  12. Lawn Mower – Basic Operation and Safety
  13. UTV – Basic Operation and Safety
  14. Defensive Driving
  15. Tractor and Bush Hog – Basic Operation and Safety
  16. Weed Trimmer – Basic Operation and Safety
  17. Skid Mount Sprayer / Herbicide Application
Safety Training
  1. JSA (Jobsite Safety Analysis)
  2. BBS (Behavior Based Safety)
  3. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
  4. Job Site Safety
  5. Incident Reporting Procedures
  6. Equipment Inspections
  7. Safety Culture and Attitude
  8. Fall Protection
  9. Poisonous Plants
  10. Lock Out Tag Out
  11. Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Reasonable Suspicion
  12. Tool Box Talks
  13. Site Specific Action Plan
  14. House Keeping / Slips Trips and Falls**
  15. BBP and First Aid**
  16. Hot and Cold Weather Conditions
  17. Spotter and Safety Lead Training
  18. Land Agent Training for Pipeline Customers
  19. How to safely lead a crew and auditing your own crew’s safety
  20. Underground Utilities – Locating and Call before Dig
  21. Grounds Person Training / Tree Assessment
  22. Laborer Training (Grounds Person Training)
  23. Sales / Onboarding
  24. Operator Training**
  25. Tree Felling
  26. Climbing a Tree
  27. Tree Care: Pruning and Hedge Training – Basics and Safety
Leadership Training
  1. Attracting Top Talent, Hiring and Retaining Employees*
  2. Creating Culture, Core Values and the Right Customer*
  3. Top Level Leadership*
  4. How to Review an Employee*
  5. Effective and Contagious Marketing and Branding*
  6. Scaling Your Business the Right Way*
  7. Passionate and Servant Style Leadership*
  8. Family Balance*
  9. Being the Standard Bearer and Building Culture*
  10. How to Lead a Crew*
  11. Characteristics of Top Performers*
  12. Sales and Bidding Projects*
  13. Mentoring and Coaching Your Team to Produce Future Leaders *
  14. What Does a Successful Job Entail?*
  15. When Things Go Wrong*

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