The Better Contractor – Engaging Equipment Training

Level Up Your Knowledge with The Better Contractor Equipment Training

Mishandling equipment can lead to accidents and mishaps, resulting in costly worker’s compensation claims and high equipment repair costs. If you’ve been in this business for very long, you know how expensive equipment is to repair and maintain. Our monthly fee is a small investment to help train workers to operate and maintain equipment properly. According to research, construction and contracting companies spend an average premium of $275 per month on worker’s compensation coverage, with an average claim of around $40,000. The Better Contractor training courses provide basic knowledge to help crews work safely and minimize on-the-job incidents.

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Advanced Equipment Training

Looking to take your equipment skills to the next level? The Better Contractor offers equipment training courses designed to enhance your expertise and efficiency on the job. Gain knowledge and master the complexities of specialized equipment to tackle any project with confidence. Equip yourself with the skills needed to operate machinery such as mini excavators, cranes, skid steers, and lawn care equipment.

Our experienced instructors provide instruction, covering both theoretical concepts and practical applications. Our training is practical and should serve as a first step in onboarding a new operator. We recommend in-person and in-field training and utilizing our equipment maintenance forms. Stay ahead of the competition by upgrading your equipment training with The Better Contractor’s courses.

Equipment Training That Covers It All

We have a variety of equipment training and onboarding course offerings. Not seeing something you think is essential to equipment safety and knowledge? Let us know! We may add it.


  • Crane – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Tree Removal – Repelling, Roping, and Knots
  • Aerial Lift /Bucket Truck – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Canopy Trimmer -Basic Operation and Safety
  • Chain Saw – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Stump Grinder – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Skidsteer and Common Attachments – Basic Operation and Safety
    • Part 1. Attachments: Grapple
    • Part 2. Attachments: Forestry Mulcher
    • Part 3. Attachments: Feller Buncher
    • Part 4. Attachments: Marshal Saw
  • Chipper – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Remote Controlled Equipment – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Truck and Trailer – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Mini Excavator – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Lawn Mower – Basic Operation and Safety
  • UTV – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Defensive Driving
  • Tractor and Bush Hog – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Weed Trimmer – Basic Operation and Safety
  • Skid Mount Sprayer / Herbicide Application