Straightforward and simple pricing.

In an effort to combat industry safety and culture issues, we created The Better Contractor. Our platform offers online training and onboarding and downloadable forms all at an affordable price.

Our pricing is competitive when you put it up against the cost of
on-site incidents and safety directors. For example, for many small companies the cost to onboard and train employees by a safety director (annually) is approximately $25,000!

Proper Training equals a more productive, engaged, and loyal workforce.

Training allows for more consistency amongst crews to meet your standards.


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Training Services

The pricing for our training services includes the following:

  • Safety, Equipment, and Leadership Training.
  • Tailgate Videos.
  • One-Year Commitment.
  • One-Time Set-Up Fee of $500 Upfront. Customers Will Be Auto-Billed Monthly Thereafter.


up to 10 seats


Access to all videos


up to 30 seats


Access to all videos


up to 60 seats


Access to all videos


up to 99 seats


Access to all videos

Membership for over 99 seats

Over 99? No problem. Contact us for custom pricing.

Forms To Purchase

We don’t stop at videos. In addition to training and coaching, The Better Contractor customers can purchase various business forms that we discuss in the training videos.

Single Video Pricing

Click your selection to download.

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Download our free video to learn how to regroup with your team this year!

Business Coaching

Interested in taking your business to the next level? The Better Contractor offers coaching aimed to improve and enhance your business strategies.

Coaching Pricing


Bi-Weekly Coaching Videos
Members-Only Online Community
Q&As to Empower Your Business

Our Pricing Saves You Money

Did you know that a dedicated safety director to provide this training to all new hires and annual training can cost between $25,000 – $75,000 per year? That is a lot. When you opt to be The Better Contractor, you can save money and see more employee engagement. Give your employees engaging videos that they will enjoy watching and retain at the same time.

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Watch Anywhere. Anytime.

Train on your own time – rainy days, evenings in a hotel, etc.
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Another Certification Under Your Belt.

Take the quiz – Get a certificate. Good employees love learning.
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Be Proud To Be A Contractor.

Help your team learn crucial skills like leadership, pride, and accountability. Train your employees on what it means to see a job well done.

It’s Easy Math!

We will question your business decision-making skills if you don’t do it or see the value.

$ 5,300

Estimated cost of TBC (Annually)

$ 25,000

Estimated cost of Safety Director to Onboard and Train (Annually)

$ 20,000

Estimated Incidents and Work Comp Increase as Result (Annually)

$ Priceless

Properly Trained Employees Executing a Task

$ Priceless

Leadership Training that Helps Teams Excel

The numbers above are assuming a small business, costs would go up as number of employees go up.